Everything is Terrible
2017-10-12 09:37:00-04:00 in mus

Shred goes way back

My intention in this is to avoid compilations as much as possible, but the Link Wray album I wanted (self-titled) isn't on Spotify, so for convenience I'm using a sessions collection of the 1958-1960 period.

Like Rockin with Wanda, these tracks are all sized to fit on a 10 inch 78, so they're all around 2 minutes. Maybe half of them are instrumentals. They all have a raw and unproduced sound, like they were just recorded in a practice room on the first take. There's some great shred, but there's also the squeak of hands along the fretboard, and the bassist occasionally flubbing notes.

The guitar is, quite simply, gorgeous. That amazing reverb sound, those just-slow-enough arpeggii, but over a band that sounds completely outclassed, or at least outmixed. Wray's vocals are rough and fierce, and bring home to me how surf rock comes out of country blues. You expect to see a girl in jeans dropping the flag to start a drag race.