A story about country of origin labelling (5/14/2017)

China and the US recently reached a deal in which the US will immediately begin importing cooked poultry products from China, and China totally is going to revisit their ban on US beef this summer. Totally. (As you probably guessed, I'm not enthusiastic about this deal.)

Why closures are not objects with one method (5/14/2017)

Among the more tiresome arguments you'll see online is the question of the interchangeability of objects and closures. This has been solved for a long time now, but new generations of programmers keep ignoring it. But, as a reminder: closures are more general than objects; anything you can do with objects you can do with closures, but there are things you can do with closures you cannot do with objects.

Republican health care (4/21/2017)

Looking at the smoldering ruin of Republican attempts to repeal the ACA, it may be confusing what the Republicans' actual goals are. A snarky response might be "they don't have any", but I think that's not really accurate. It is true that the GOP does have a significant problem in that the ACA was originally a Republican idea and they didn't bother to come up with a new one after Obama took it from them, but I think there is something like a coherent vision of what Republicans think health care should like (if not an actual plan to effect it). At least, this is true among Congressional Republicans; it is not, I think, what in broad strokes Republican voters want, any more than the ACA was what Democratic voters wanted.

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